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Urnex is a US brand that helps in making the coffee equipment better by providing cleaning solutions. Urnex is the world leader in specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment. It can be used to clean all brands of coffee machines. Their products help in removing oil & milk residues from the coffee and making coffee better every time. They have cleaning products for coffee grinders as well.

grindz grinder cleaner

Grindz Grinder cleaner

urnex cafiza

Urnex Cafiza

urnex rinza

Urnex Rinza

grindz grinder cleaner@2x

Grindz Grinder cleaner

Grindz provides an easy and effective solution for cleaning industrial coffee grinders that remove all traces of stale coffee residue and flavoured coffee odours. It uses a patented all-natural formula that adheres to the highest standard of food safety.

urnex cafiza@2x

Urnex Cafiza

This efficient espresso machine cleaner is available in multiple tablet sizes and also in powder form to service a broad range of machines from traditional to fully automatic. Its concentrated cleaning formula thoroughly eliminates residue from group heads, valves and lines.

urnex rinza@2x

Urnex Rinza

Rinza specialises in cleaning of dairy residue from auto-frothers, traditional steam wands and steel pitchers by breaking down milk protein, fat and calcium build-up. Offering over 30 uses per bottle, it is a cost-effective cleaning solution for your coffee enterprise.

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