RANCILIO Technology

Innovation is the technological core of the Rancilio Group. Creativity is stimulated in each and every function within our Rancilio and Egro LAB technological poles. An on-going and responsible research process whose priorities consist in caring for people, society and the environment.
Investments in research and development play a primary role in the Rancilio Group's growth strategy. Studies carried out for the purpose of constantly improving and extending the company range are mainly focalized on certain aspects of strategic importance with the objective of creating competitive and sustainable products.
The research into innovative materials, also in terms of environmental impact, the reduced energy consumption of machinery and equipment when in use, the identification of solutions that safeguard our customers' health and safety are an integral part of an approach that is increasingly oriented towards social wellbeing and environmental protection.

WMF Technology

Customized coffee machine configuration. With specifically tailored WMF system technologies, you can to cater to your customers’ needs even better. Whichever types of milk you use, the WMF milk and steam systems ensure you always get consistently top results. So, why not customize your offer via telemetry and simplify the interaction between man and machine! With our WMF system technologies you always get the most out for your daily business.


The Swiss-based Hemro group, led by the brands Mahlkönig, Ditting ,HeyCafe &Anfim, presents itself as a benchmark and specialist in coffee grinding. It is the synergy between long-standing experience and technology, refined by years of research carried out by its four brands in order to consistently ensure the best in terms of raw materials, components, processing and flexibility in production. Its aim is to meet the needs of different sales channels: from the “robust” requirements of the micro coffee-roaster sector which sells coffee in bulk, to the precision required by the espresso champions and the reliability provided to those who distribute numerous kilos of coffee a day.
Between Italy (Anfim), Germany (Mahlkönig), Switzerland (Ditting),Hey Café ( China) the know-how, which is the result of constant research, is shared and contributes to the productivity of all their line of goods, thus increasing the global quality of a group that employs roughly 200 people.

BUNN Technology

If you are talking about equipment with which to make a superb cup of americano, it is a BUNN coffee brewer. BUNN has taken the experience gleaned from over five decades of providing brewers across the globe ---and from the customer feedback of that experience--- to produce a machine that consistently answers the question of how to obtain a great brew of coffee, by utilizing an array of technology in some very innovative ways.