Simple, Versatile and Durable, perfect for various consistency demands

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Ditting is the coffee grinding expert. With Swiss engineering and with the most innovative technology it guarantees for the perfect particle spread – individually matched to the coffee and the brewing method. Professional users from all around the world trust their valuable coffees on the grinding solutions of Ditting. That is our promise of “Swiss precision”.

Ditting grind_kr804

KR 804

Ditting 1403

KFA 1403

Ditting 1800

KF 1800

Ditting grind_kr804@2x

KR 804

Smaller stores value the 804 for its convincing functionality and reliability. It is also preferred for the grinding of different coffee varieties.

Ditting 1403@2x

KFA 1403

The KFA1403 promptly and efficiently is able to solve the problem of catering to customer-specific coffee blends ground in small quantities or large, thus making it a perfect choice.

Ditting 1800@2x

KF 1800

The KF1800 is an exclusive solution for places that have restricted space and require large grinding capacity.

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